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Fishing Mate
Fishing mate will let you record your favourite fishing locations on a map, it will also record all your catch data and allow you to share it with your friends.

All this functionality FREE!
Try it today.


Australian Postcode Search
All your Australian postcode and suburb search needs in your pocket!

Search Australian suburbs by postcode, suburb or partial suburb name.

You can even use your current location!


Australian Postcode Search Pro
All your postcode/suburb search needs in your pocket!

This full featured application allows you to search for suburbs using a postcode or postcode using a suburb. You can even use your current location!

As an additional feature you can click a suburb in the search results and it will show you the suburb on a map along with post office location in that suburb.



Petrol Station Finder
Find petrol stations anywhere in Australia with this handy lightweight app.

Australian Petrol Station Finder will help you find a petrol station in your current location or in any suburb in Australia!

Simply search for the desired suburb or use the current location button then click the result to reveal petrol stations in the selected location.




15.4.2012 > Walkersoft released new Fishing Mate application into Google Play and Samsung markets.

20.12.2011 > Petrol Station Finder and PCS pro application submitted to Samsung Market.


1.12.2011 > PCS became top download app in Productivity on Samsung Market.


15.12.2011 > Development of 2D game framework began along with design of potential Educational games.




“Walkersoft is expanding into games development in the android space.”

  Michael Walker
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